Who We Are

Founded in 1929, the American Women’s Club of Antwerp is a group of over 150 women from all over the world.

Motto:  May we never be hasty in judgement and always generous.

Purpose:  Our purpose is to create a center for social, cultural, and philanthropic activities for women in the greater Antwerp area.

Affiliation:  AWCA is a member of FAWCO (the Federation of American Women’s Clubs Overseas), an international network of independent clubs and associations with a combined membership of nearly 18,000 in 37 countries worldwide. FAWCO serves as a support network for members living and working abroad and is particularly active in concerns and issues of overseas Americans: education, environmental awareness, health, human rights and women’s and children’s rights in particular. For more information on FAWCO, please contact our FAWCO representative at fawco@awcantwerp.org or visit their website at www.fawco.org.

Get to know us:  Our club has monthly membership meetings from September to June.  We also have a range of activities, events and tours scheduled throughout each months.