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AWC Antwerp in the News

FAWCO Inspiring Women Magazine: read more about our members...

  • Carolien Krijnen Inspiration from Belgium: Chocolatier; Inspiring Women_Sep2018_Vol1_Issue2 (p14) 
  • Magda Honffy; Belgium: Raising Money to Help Others; Inspiring Women_Sep2018_Vol2_Issue3( p65) 
  • Anita Meuwissen; Belgium: Regular Season Tickets; Inspiring Women_Dec2018_Vol2_Issue4 (p55) 
  • Rozanne Van Rie: Managing End of Life; Inspiring Women_Sep2019_Vol3_Issue3 (p22) 
  • Tharien van Eck Belgium: Health in the Workplace; Inspiring Women_Sep2019_Vol3_Issue3 (p38)
  • Carol Brazle: Belgium: Caring HeartsInspiring Women_Apr2019_Vol3_Issue1 (p19)
  • Tharien van Eck: Happiness is…Inspiring Women_Sep2020_Vol4_Issue3 (p35)
  • Celeste Bennekers: We’re Going on a Bee Hunt; Inspiring Women_Jun2020_Vol4_Issue2 (p9)
  • Heather Davis: Scientific Expertise Informs in Belgium; Inspiring Women_Jun2020_Vol4_Issue1 (p24)
  • Brigitte Meuwissen: Behind The Glass; Inspiring Women_Jun2020_Vol4_Issue1 (p51)
  • Mieke Prins Knitting Support and Healing to “Uplift” Cancer Survivors; Inspiring Women_Nov2022_Vol6_Issue4 (p64)
  • Elizabeth Kelly Developing the Leaders of the Future; Inspiring Women_Sep2022_Vol6_Issue3 (p58)
  • A Club Inspires: AWC Antwerp A Club Inspires: AWC AntwerpInspiring Women_Feb2023_Vol7_Issue1 (p53)
  • Dianne Naveau In My Own Words - Palm Beach Glam Cloffice MakeoverInspiring Women_Sep2023_Vol7_Issue3 (p63)
  • Sotia Kythreoti Soti Writing an Inspiring Children's Book; Inspiring Women_May 2024_Vol 8_Issue 2 (p30) 

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