AWCA Philanthropy

Volunteer work and fundraising for local organizations in need of helping hands. Our Caring Hearts “Pillow Project” produces handmade pillows for post-operative breast cancer patients at local hospitals.

For many years now, our Caring Hearts volunteers have lovingly created hundreds of “heart” pillows to provide post-operative comfort to women who have undergone breast surgery.

Through the efforts of our tireless volunteers and with many many thanks to local schools and organizations we have been able to raise funds to open “Breast Lounges” where patients can go to talk in a relaxing atmosphere with their doctors, nurses or psychologists about sensitive issues such as treatment and possible side effects, the use of a breast prosthesis and wearing a wig.

The first Breast Lounge sponsored by AWCA was opened in 2011 in St. Augustinus in Wilrijk.   Then in 2015, the AWCA donated 16,000 euros to the University Hospital of Antwerp  (UZA Edegem).  These rooms are an extension of our heart pillow project.